About us

Aperitif is Nashville's premier cocktail & libation experience firm.

At Aperitif, our goal is to concoct an unforgettable cocktail experience with events ranging from simple to extravagant; we focus on weddings, corporate events, as well as premier bars and restaurants in Nashville.

Our libation team curates immersive cocktail experiences by paying homage to classic cocktails and techniques, as well as fusing unique and bold flavor combinations.

Our mission is to elevate cocktails in every facet.

We do this by combining fun, fresh, and ever evolving ingredients from vegetables ranging from rainbow radishes, ginger and cactus, to fruits varying from Maradol papayas to passion fruit and combining it with high quality spirits as well as house made bitters, syrups and juices.

. Every cocktail carries a personal experience.

. Even before consumption a cocktail is a full sensory explosion.

. With each sip something new and flavorful should appeal to your palette.

. Memorable cocktail experiences come from an understanding & appreciation of all the senses.

. Our mixologists understand that a quality cocktail has the ability to bring back fond and lasting memories

Mission statement

Upon assessing each client, our craftsman will build an unforgettable beverage experience, by working to create innovative cocktails for your special event.